Reflexology for better health

Foot reflexology massage has been around for centuries, and depictions of foot massage can be seen on ancient structures in China, Egypt and elsewhere in the world.  Very few people don’t love having their feet rubbed, and there’s  a reason why:

The feet have points that correspond to every organ, tissue and structure in the body. Massaging or applying pressure to these points can produce a relaxation response in the corresponding body area, thereby increasing blood, lymph and nerve circulation.  Once the circulation has been re-established, the organ can receive proper nourishment, eliminate wastes and begin functioning at an optimal level again, resulting in healing and well-being.

There are many health issues that can easily be helped with Reflexology, such as:

Sinus Problems
Menstrual Cramps
Poor Digestion
Anxiety & Stress
Skin Disorders
Circulatory Disorders
Blood Sugar Disorders
and many more.

Reflexology is a simple treatment that can be given to almost everyone, it does not require disrobing (other than the feet), and does not require any specific tools or equipment, other than a comfortable bed or chair, and a skillful practitioner.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please visit:

http://www.largomassage.comfoot massage




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